List with truncation instead of a horizontal scroll bar

The default spark List will add a horizontal scroll bar when the contents of the List are wider than its width. This post shows how to change that behavior using a custom item renderer so that a truncation mark like an ellipsis is used instead.

Notice in the following example that when you make the width of the Lists smaller, the top (default) List puts in a horizontal scroll bar and abruptly clips the text whereas the bottom List doesn’t show a scroll bar, but instead shows an ellipsis “…” truncation mark indicating that there is some excess text that is being cut off.

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From here it might be cool to make the text automatically scroll when you hover over the item. I’ll leave that as an exercise to the reader or maybe a future post if there is enough interest.

Note: This sample requires Flex SDK or higher. You can get the latest SDK builds from

12 thoughts on “List with truncation instead of a horizontal scroll bar”

  1. Will this end up showing a tooltip when you hover over the list item? I don’t see one and think will be a good idea to do that too. Thoughts?

  2. @Nirav – That’s a good idea. You should be able to enable tool tips by setting toolTip=”{data}” on the ItemRenderer

  3. you should not nest groups. if you look more carefully itemRenderer already is a group. improved code:

  4. @Marcin – Good catch. You’re code was eaten up, but essentially in this case you can get rid of the excess VGroup in the renderer and move the top/left/right/bottom positioning to the Label directly.

  5. Hey Thanks. Its helpful and exactly what I was looking for.
    Keep the good work.

  6. Thanks a lot for this. Very handy, was scratching my head for a while about this one. Hurrah for the internet.

  7. Hey Thanks it was every helpful, I want to show same ellipsis in textarea or richtext or richeditabletext is it possible ?

  8. @Vijay – I haven’t been able to figure out a way of doing this with TextArea/RichEditableText. Looks like this solution is currently limited to Label.

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